Across the stars, I sail with this proud red flag.


Alive, to feel this moment and to write our fate.

2003 March

Time Symmetry

After several changes in the line-up, the band made its debut EP album in 2003, called Time Symmetry. This album defined the lines characteristics of the "metal-prog" sound of the band. This EP, published for "El Diablo" records, it would be nothing more than the appetizer of what would come next…

2006 July

Fate in Gray

Recorded in Madrid in New Life Studios, would mean the definitive recognition of the band on the Spanish progressive metal scene.From the beautifully-detailed album artwork, through the elegant and original composition of the new songs, Fate in Gray didn’t stop from receiving great national and international reviews. This allowed the band to present their powerful live shows in cities across the Spanish territory: Madrid,Bilbao and Barcelona.

2013 September


Recorded once again in New Life Studios(Madrid) and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox(Finland), this new album represents, along its 14 tracks, maturity and evolution that the band has developed throughout the years.
More direct and powerful compositions reflect a new musical direction, without losing our personal touch.

2019 February


It represents the last band’s record released. An album in which the musical proposal stands out for the presence of Elena Aznar in the main voices, alternating with David Rubio the role of lead singer. In addition Carlos Hernandez completes the current band’s lineup as the new bassist.
The album, produced by Time Symmetry itself, has been recorded and mixed at New Life Studios (Madrid) and has been mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions Studios (Melbourne). The artwork was the work of Ed Warner.

Who we are

"Don't let it happen. It depends on you..."

Time Symmetry is a progressive metal/rock band from Spain. It was founded in 1999. Until the date the band has published 4 LP’s and toured for years. The band mentions John Locke, Queen, Hans Zimmer, Metallica or Barney Stinson as some of their main influences but probably you won’t hear any explicit references to them in their music apart from awesome compositions, powerful vocal lines, catchy chorus sections and a very free approach to rhythms and song structures. Nowadays Time Symmetry are presenting their brand new album, Ghosts, where the band returns with an updated line-up and a deep evolution of their already eclectic music proposal. In this new release the band continues carrying even further their music horizons, exploring new aesthetical and musical territories and keep on searching what they love most: sharing with all of you unforgettable nights of good music!!